Finding the Magic in Aerospace for the Next Generation

By Zachary Johnson

Join our podcast to immerse yourself in an environment of innovation and exploration. Hear from experienced leaders on how they found their passion in aerospace and their methods of inspiring the next generation. In this audial experience we’ll discuss:

  • Woman in Aerospace

Importance of role-models to support young girls’ educational aspirations in the world of STEM

  • Personal Growth

Process of becoming a master of aerospace and how the badging program brings awareness as early as the age of 5

  • Sustainability

New advancements such as the electric aircraft, additive manufacturing, and biofuels

“The intent is to create an environment where kids can stay engaged and keep exploring and hopefully what comes out of that is a more deeply rooted interest. its about lighting that spark and fanning those flames”

 David Leiting Jr, Eagles Program Manager at EAA
Innovation in the Classroom Podcast Podcast

Innovation in the Classroom Podcast

Innovation in the Classroom by Siemens explores best practices to empower the next generation of digital talent. In this podcast series, Dora Smith takes you through discussions with leading voices from the world of engineering education who are preparing future engineers in Academia 4.0 to shape the world of innovation.

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