Kineo Flexible Cables – first commercial application for dress pack simulation

By JonR

We recently announced the release of Kineo Flexible Cables version 7.0, a software component for modeling compliant cables.

The software has applications in industrial robot simulation for predicting the behavior and performance of dress packs – bundles of pneumatic hoses and/or electrical cables that control and power industrial robots.

Version 7.0 introduced tools for simulating cable rotation and retraction systems in dress packs. These systems retain slack cable in a protected zone and reduce the risk of cables interfering with the robot’s operating environment, which can result in damage and downtime.

Digital Industries Software has integrated version 7.0 of Kineo Flexible Cables in Tecnomatix Process Simulate software, to deliver the first commercial implementation of this valuable simulation technology. The video below illustrates how to set up and simulate a cable in Process Simulate and includes a retraction system.

You can find further examples of cable rotation and retraction systems in this Process Simulate article on the Tecnomatix blog.

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