HOOPS Exchange 2017 Service Pack 2 released

HOOPS Exchange 2017 Service Pack 2 has been released by our partner Tech Soft 3D and is available from Siemens PLM Software.

HOOPS Exchange now provides beta support for access to a CAD model’s feature tree, which captures the steps used to design a part. Feature trees – including hole and pattern descriptions – can now be accessed from the data of  NX™ software, CATIA® V5 software and Creo® software.

hoops exhange can import NX model features -800.jpg

NX CAD model with feature tree now accessible through HOOPS Exchange

Tech Soft 3D has also continued to enhance the tight technical integration of HOOPS Exchange and Parasolid. As a result, HOOPS Exchange can now read facet data from Parasolid files. It can also write facet data into Parasolid from STL, IFC, VRML, U3D and CGR files. These operations are important steps for supporting Parasolid Convergent Modeling™ technology which enables editing of CAD data that contains both facets and B-rep. This capability provides massive productivity gains for use cases that involve facetted data like “scan, edit, print” by eliminating the conversion of facets into B-reps.

HOOPS Exchange and Parasolid customers already benefit from the tight integration of these two components in many other ways:

  • Models of any supported format are loaded into Parasolid through a single API.

  • Geometry is imported without translation from CAD applications based on Parasolid, such as Siemens’ NX and Solid Edge® software, SolidWorks® software and others.

  • For applications not based on Parasolid, the integration maps the CAD data to a valid Parasolid model, automatically invoking healing and repair algorithms when needed based on Parasolid and Bodyshop technology for a higher success rate.

  • Model definition is imported, preserved and associatively accessible to the Parasolid geometry, including PMI (both visual and semantic), GD&T, product structure and tessellation (facets).

For more details about these and many other enhancements in HOOPS Exchange Service Pack 2, see the full announcement from Tech Soft 3D.

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