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Embedded Software

Stand-by or boot-up

Like most people nowadays, I have a selection of electronic devices that have become part of the fabric of my...


Season's Greetings from the Polarion Team!

Verification Horizons

Truth in Labeling: VMM2.0

I see that Synopsys has finally released VMM1.2. Congratulations, guys. There will be plenty of opportunity over the coming weeks...

Verification Horizons

IEEE Std. 1800™-2009 (SystemVerilog) Ready for Purchase & Download

Just in time for the holidays!  🙂 IEEE Std. 1800™-2009, aka SystemVerilog 2009, is ready for purchase and download from...

Verification Horizons

December Verification Horizons Issue Out

Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let you know that the latest issue of Verification Horizons is now out. You can...

Embedded Software

There, their

For me, language is interesting. It is all about communication and that is what I enjoy doing and it is...

Simulating the Real World

So, you want to predict component temperatures do you? Part VI

On the sliding scale of thermal component model representation king of all is a ‘detailed’ model. A 3D definition of...

Electronic Systems Design

What's your excuse?

Over the last few months, I’ve visited dozens of customers talking with them about power distribution design.  Power Distribution design...

Corporate Blog

Meeting the Challenges of Transitioning PLM Implementations

Anyone who has ever attempted to move from one version of an enterprise software application to the “new improved” version knows that upgrades can be painful and costly. The critical elements of any...