What’s new in Opcenter Scheduling SMT 2310

By Alessandro Cereseto

Using Opcenter Intra Plant Logistics to improve production schedule accuracy

Opcenter™ Scheduling SMT software is a tool for the surface-mount technology (SMT) manufacturing industry that seamlessly connects the planner to the shop floor. Opcenter Scheduling SMT, which is part of the Siemens Xcelerator business platform of software, hardware and services, supports factory planners as they generate production schedules taking into consideration frequent, real-time changes that occur in the manufacturing stage, especially in high-mix, low-volume production or when introducing a new product. This release offers an integration with Opcenter Intra Plant Logistics as well as an improved work order workflow.

Main features of this version:

  • Opcenter Intra Plant Logistics integration
  • Align work orders from ERP


  • Use Opcenter Intra Plant Logistics integration to improve production schedule accuracy
  • Easily spot production possibilities based on material availability
  • Easily spot material availability limitations
  • Gain time for material deliveries
  • Fully align work orders from the ERP system

Already using Opcenter Scheduling SMT? See what’s new in version 2310.

Intuitive, easy-to-use production scheduling

Set up your constraints using a simple yet comprehensive model that allows you to quickly set up all surface mount technology (SMT) and manual stations in your factory as a basis for conducting simulation. You can easily control optimization parameters, such as due dates, production time and changeovers, and then compare different scenarios. You can then choose the schedule that best fits your needs.

Learning more about Opcenter Scheduling SMT and its unique capabilities has never been easier. I’d like to invite you to test drive our solution in a free trial in which everything has been made ready for you. The trial environment includes exercises with detailed steps that will show you first-hand how to get optimal results in a challenging environment.

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Opcenter Scheduling SMT combines data from three sources:

– Machine, line configurations and resource availability from the shop floor

– Work orders, schedules and work hours from the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system

– Material availability and location from the supply chain.

The combination of the three enables accurate short-term scheduling. Find out more about Opcenter Scheduling SMT.

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