Should Your MES be PLM-centric or ERP-centric?

By Eric Mitchell

The architecture of your manufacturing systems should be guided by your manufacturing process. Complex engineer-to-order processes, with multiple manufacturing orders coming from PLM, have different requirements than make-to-stock processes, where an ERP may be generating the manufacturing order. The system that translates orders and designs into physical products on the shop floor – the MES – should be built with the process in mind.

The question is – what will your process look like in the future? Even as mechatronic products become more customized as they cater to consumer preferences, manufacturing will continue to move toward the configure/engineer end of the process spectrum. Considering the significant investment required to implement systems and the difficulty in replacing them, today’s manufacturing leaders are taking a hard look at how their MES systems are designed. Read the whitepaper, MES users face a critical choice: PLM or ERP, to learn more:

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