Opcenter for Industrial Machinery

Interoperability in industrial machinery manufacturing

Increasing customer requirements urge industrial machinery manufacturers to focus on flexibility. Consumer trends are shifting towards increased customization, greater efficiency,…

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Opcenter Execution Discrete

Flexible manufacturing 4.0 in industrial machinery

Companies with production sites in countries with high manufacturing costs and wages are investing a lot in automation. Especially in…

Opcenter Execution Discrete

Connecting smart machines for holistic closed-loop manufacturing

Manufacturing of industrial machinery is a highly progressive industry with many ongoing trends, such as smart machines. From robotic arms…

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Unleashing the potential of low-code applications in the automotive industry

Many companies are confronted with the challenge of digital transformation and changing their individual processes step by step. The number…

Opcenter Execution Discrete

Taking your industrial machinery manufacturing operations to the next level: Siemens’ MES as your operational backbone

Industrial machinery production is a complex and ever-changing process, and manufacturers are constantly faced with challenges related to meeting customer…

Opcenter execution Discrete

Digital Manufacturing for the Automotive Industry

Using a comprehensive portfolio of integrated solutions to accelerate innovation and drive quality Highly disruptive trends in the automotive industry…


What’s new in Opcenter Execution Discrete 2301

A new version of our MES for Discrete Industries is available: Opcenter Execution Discrete 2301 Opcenter™ Execution Discrete 2301, which…