IT/OT Convergence in Factories Today

By Nash Chakraborty

The increasing complexity of today’s manufacturing industry requires manufacturers to add flexibility to their operations without losing efficiency or productivity. For companies wanting to maximize the results of their smart manufacturing initiatives, an integrated IT approach to factory operations is mandatory.

In addition to manufacturing execution systems (MES) which act as the brains of the smart plant by connecting people, processes, and machines so that manufacturers can integrate requirements, a Smart Manufacturing solution needs to make sure that efficiency and quality issues are addressed automatically and in real-time using sensors, edge-based devices, the IoT (internet of things), AI (artificial intelligence), and low code applications that work together seamlessly.

By creating a complete loop of communication in the plant, manufacturers can establish a self-organizing production environment in which manufacturing lines can essentially manage themselves. These intelligent production processes enable manufactures to reduce costs, improve productivity, ensure cybersecurity, and drive high quality from launch through production.

In this infographics, IDC shares how to build a competitive advantage with integrated factory operations and the top 6 operational capabilities needed for operational resilience.

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