A Roadmap for Emerging Manufacturers

By Thomas Bell

Disruptive market conditions caused by COVID-19 and the increasingly sophisticated personalized medicine, value-based care, real-world evidence models and the new FDA and EU Regulatory implications have led to a point that even the most seasoned professional in the Medical Device & Diagnostic industry has difficulty navigate them.

Today, Medical Devices Manufacturers necessitate a flexible digital infrastructure which is tailored for the MD&D industry to address growing and disruptive requirements that support regulatory authorities’ quality best practices. Opcenter Execution Medical Device and Diagnostics (Opcenter EX MDD) is the market leading solution that helps MD&D companies accelerate innovation, reduce cost and achieve the highest quality products while making compliance a by-product of excellent manufacturing processes.

In this webinar Siemens experts will discuss how Opcenter EX MDD software can address and solve necessities of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMB) in MD&D, which are the emerging leaders in this market, looking to create the same infrastructure as their large competitors to deliver their innovative products, rapidly, to establish a market position cost-efficiently and at high quality.

For emerging manufacturers, implementing such a solution means to digitalize manufacturing operations which both accelerate and anticipate growth as the manufacturer grows in size. The system allows enforcing highly efficient and compliant manufacturing processes that accelerate the speed to market, at the highest levels of quality. Further, it provides self-auditing eDHR and eBR, enforces good manufacturing practices (GMP) and regulatory compliance, and accelerates and controls the change management.

For emerging MD&D industry it can be considered as the best-in-class manufacturing execution system as it builds quality into the manufacturing process at every step.

Here some of the results our SMB MD&D manufacturers achieved leveraging the Siemens solution Opcenter EX MDD software:

  • Reducing lead time across all products by 15 to 20%
  • Reducing device history record (DHR) review time by 80%
  • Reducing nonconformance reports (NCRs) by 80%
  • Completely eliminating paper costs
  • Taking only two months from project rollout to measured benefits

To learn more, sign to our dedicated webinar to discover how to accelerate your digital transformation in the MD&D industry.

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