Siemens hosts first NX additive manufacturing workshop

By Sashko Kurciski

In case you missed the news from October 19th, we announced new comprehensive solutions for additive manufacturing with NX. Combining design, simulation, and manufacturing processes together with data and process management, the new solutions bring all the advantages of NX integration to the 3D printing workflow.   

1-Siemens-office.jpgThe additive manufacturing workshop was held at the historic Siemens Corporate Technology office in BerlinThe new NX additive manufacturing solutions were previewed at an internal Siemens workshop at our Corporate Technology facility in Berlin. The event attracted attendees from many Siemens units. Experts, researchers and application engineers in 3D printing gathered to learn about the new additive capabilities in NX.

The in-depth training sessions covered the new NX functionality that lets you design and prepare parts for 3D printing. Attendees spent time using the NX software for industry-specific applications, focusing on the use of powder bed fusion 3D printing technology. 

sashko's image.jpgThe new NX additive manufacturing capabilities were covered during the training sessionsWith so many diverse perspectives on different applications, the event was a rich learning experience for all the attendees. Strategies and lessons learned on various projects were shared amongst the most experienced 3D printing specialists. Streamlined work processes based on the new software were exercised against parts from all around the Siemens organization. 

Parts prepared with the new software were printed and verified for production readiness. Using advanced printing methods enables manufacturing of metal parts that can’t be produced using traditional manufacturing methods. For example, 3D printing enables manufacturing of complex organically shaped internal channels that can significantly improve performance of gas turbines.

sashko's image 2.jpgThe new NX additive manufacturing capabilities were covered during the training sessions”I am excited to see the new NX additive solutions from Siemens PLM. The integrated solutions, from design to printing, will remove the need for data conversion between different systems. Inside NX, our build trays will stay associative to the part models, so we will be able to respond much faster to design updates,” said Jonas Eriksson, from the Siemens’ Industrial Turbomachinery facility in Finspang.

4-NX-3D-printing-composite.jpgParts were designed, prepared and 3D printed using NX additive manufacturingThe event resulted in a lot of confidence in the integrated NX Additive Manufacturing software for solving real-world problems and quickly preparing parts for a host of laser powder bed and jet fusion machines.

5-NX-additive-manufacturing-workshop-2.jpgMetal powder bed fusion technologies were the focus of the first NX additive manufacturing workshop More about the new solution

The integrated solutions for additive manufacturing, which will begin rolling out in January 2017, will use smart product models through all phases without the need for conversion or translation between applications or processes.

The new solutions assist operators in preparing parts for powder bed and multi jet fusion printing. For 3D printed metal parts, NX can drive hybrid additive machine tools, where metal deposition is incorporated with subtractive methods in a single machine tool environment. For extruded materials such as plastics and carbon fiber reinforced nylon, a new multi-axis robotic fused deposition modeling (FDM) programming technology has been developed and is being field tested. After parts are printed, the same integrated NX system is used for post-printing NC operations such as intuitively programming the removal of support structures, machining of precision surfaces and other processing and inspection operations.

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