Siemens’ Digital Machine Shop blog and video series

By Armin Gruenewald

Our Digital Machine Shop blog and video series will take a deep dive into the specific steps you can take to digitalize manufacturing and transform business performance.

What is a digital machine shop?  It is a data driven manufacturing environment that seamlessly connects your process, machines, robots, and equipment.It is an adaptive manufacturing system that can sense, learn, and share that knowledge with every resource in its ecosystem, including people.

In this blog, let’s start with a short video, “Digital Machine Shop Overview,” to introduce the concept of the digital machine shop and share our vision of manufacturing in the future.

You can look forward to the following blog topics:

  • The importance of new technologies
  • Tool design with new technologies
  • Process planning with a digital twin
  • Tool management and set up
  • Access the digital twin from the shop floor
  • The emergence of robots in the part making process
  • Additive manufacturing
  • CMM inspection and programming

Read the 2nd blog in the Digital Machine Shop series, “The importance of new technologies”

To learn more, listen to our on-demand webinar, “A digital machine shop can unlock your part manufacturing potential.” 

Written by Armin Gruenewald, Vice President Business Development MBG, Manufacturing Engineering Software, Siemens Digital Factory.

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