Reimagine products, retool manufacturing and rethink business with additive manufacturing

By Stephanie Aldrete

Authored by Okay Yaramanoglu, Siemens PLM Software

At the International Hannover Fair (Hannover Messe) 2017, Aaron Frankel, Siemen’s Director of Product Marketing for Manufacturing Engineering Software, spoke about how we combine digitalization of the production process and additive manufacturing to design and produce better products. He demonstrated the power of this technology using various examples from different industries and explained the four primary technologies for additive manufacturing: powder bed fusion, jetting, directed energy deposition, and material extrusion. His presentation shows what we are doing to overcome the challenges of industrializing this technology such as disconnected process chains, both on the software side and the production environment. Learn how this allows designers, engineers and manufacturers to unlock new ways of doing business and reconsider what is possible.

You can watch the full presentation, “Additive Manufacturing Reshapes Everything.”

Download the complete presentation, “Additive Manufacturing Reshapes Everything,” here.

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