Podcast: How highly-automated CAM is transforming part manufacturing

In today’s ever-growing competitive industry, manufacturers have an increasing pressure being placed on them to expedite production and bring products to market faster. Meeting these demands hasn’t been the easiest journey for manufacturers — until highly automated CAM changed everything. In the latest episode of the Digital Transformation podcast series, we’re taking an in-depth look at highly-automated CAM and its transformative role in the industry. Listen now!

In this episode, you’ll hear about how modern CAM software results in better efficiency and stronger communication by connecting manufacturing, engineering, and production. You’ll learn how part manufacturers are differentiating themselves by taking advantage of this advanced technology. Also, you will hear from industry experts from Siemens, who will share their expertise as well as real-world examples of adopters to highly automated CAM.

Understanding the importance of efficiency in high-level manufacturing is vital, and the designers behind CAM sought to create a solution that digitized the design and manufacturing process, while connecting the various types of software from every aspect of the part-making process. It also allows companies to capture and reuse data, minimize waste, and increase overall efficiency. With CAM, manufacturers can now pivot quickly when digital threats arise.

Listen to the new podcast episode today and learn how highly automated CAM can help you better your manufacturing!

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