Introducing What’s New Self-Demos for NX CAM 9

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NX CAM 9 Hands-on Demo Example

Self-demos are available as self-study learning aids designed to quickly bring you up to speed on what’s new in NX CAM 9. (Read more about the many new capabilities in NX CAM 9.)

These self-demos include part files and step-by-step instructions that provide hands-on practice for each NX 9 enhancement. Some self-demos include videos as well. Each enhancement is presented within the context of the appropriate application and workflow. These self-demos are brief and to the point, designed to get you up to speed in NX 9 as quickly and easily as possible. Over time, more self-demos will be added (25 in total), so be sure to check the NX 9 for Manufacturing link regularly.

The following demos are currently available (stay tuned for more):

Die/Mold Machining

NX CAM - Control Die-Mold Machining - 65.jpg Take precise control over die/mold machining strategies
How to use Cut Region Control for Area Milling
NX CAM - Optimize Machining of Cut Areas - 65.png Optimize machining of die/mold cut areas based on tool length
How to use Divide by Holder to automatically split tool paths into separate operations based on tool accessibility
NX CAM - Faster feed rates - 65.gif Drive at faster feed rates with less machine stress
How to create smooth connecting moves in Surface Contouring and Flowcut
NX CAM - Safer ZLevel Cutting - 65.jpg Safer ZLevel cutting with new engage and retract moves
How to engage and retract with an arc using a ramp angle
NX CAM - Rest Milling - 65.gif Improved Flowcut rest milling tool path quality
See the improved tool path quality of Flowcut Reference Tool operations
NX CAM - Eliminate Wasted Cutting - 65.jpg Eliminate wasted cutting motions on overhanging blank material
How to omit insignificant cuts from overhanging IPWs in Cavity Milling
NX CAM - Relief Area Machining - 65.jpg Relief area machining for large stamping dies using T-cutters
How to cut the underside of ledges using the fixed contour boundary drive method

Prismatic Parts Machining

Hands-on milling demos:
NX CAM - Copy and Paste with Reference - 65.png Faster CNC programming for setups with multiple parts
How to Copy and Paste with Reference
NX CAM - T-cutter Tracking Points - 65.jpg Simple tool control for T-cutter machining
How to use the new predefined T-cutter tracking points
NX CAM - T-cutter Slot - 65.gif Simple programming for linear grooves using a T-cutter tool
How to use the new T-cutter Slot operation
Hands-on turning demos:
NX CAM - Centerline drilling - 65.gif Enhanced centerline drilling and collision avoidance
How to use the new centerline drilling depth and non-cutting move capabilities
NX CAM - Threading - 65.gif Avoiding obstructions when threading
How to use Infeed and Angle when engaging, and Local Return moves for roughing and finishing
NX CAM - Parting Off - 65.gif New Part Off cut operation
How to use the new Part Off cut operation and corner cutting parameters

Complex Parts Machining

NX CAM - Tilt Tool Axis - 65.gifPrecisely control tool tilt to avoid collisions
How to use the enhanced Tool Tilt controls on fixed and variable axis operations

NX CAM - Cylindrical Floor Finishing - 65.gifEasily finish cylindrical faces
How to use the new 4-axis rotary milling operation
NX CAM - Turbomachinery Milling - 65.gifUse more tool types for Multi Blade (Turbomachinery) Milling
How to use ball, spherical, flat, and bullnose tools for multi blade milling

More Productivity Enhancements

NX CAM - Manual Drilling Operation - 65.gifMore efficient hole drilling with feature recognition
How to apply new feature groups to the new manual drilling operations

NX CAM - Cut area selection - 65.gifEnhanced cut area selection
How to define cut areas by selecting a seed face and bounding edges
NX CAM - Boundary Selection - 65.gifEnhanced boundary creation and gap closing
How to use the improved graphics display, selection filter and intent to define boundaries
NX CAM - Notes - 65.gifFully document operations with reference notes (comments, revision history, operator instructions)
How to create notes for operations and descriptions for geometry groups, programs, methods
NX CAM - Feature Machining Areas - 65.gifPrecisely control machining strategies for taught features (Feature Based Machining)
How to divide complex features requiring multiple operations into named subsets
NX CAM - Drill Point Length - 65.gifExplicit tool point length definition and new support for Core Drill tool
How to use the new drill point length parameter and new core drill tool type
NX CAM - Adding CAM attributes - 65.gifOutput the name of the postprocessor file into shop documentation
How to use the new MOM_set_attribute variable in the postprocessor
NX CAM - WireEDM - 65.gifTool definition support for EDM wires and holders
How to define the wire and guides as NX tools
NX CAM - Probing - 65.gifOn-machine probing for tools and turning parts
How to use the new probing operations to measure tools and turning parts

Which tutorial are you going to try first? 

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Holder.jpg Bill Storrs is in the CAM Product Management Group at Siemens PLM software, Cypress California. His main focus is on CAM usability and learning support. He currently leads the CAM Learning Initiative Team whose mission is to provide users with a comprehensive collection of reference and training materials. He has an M.A. in Corporate Training and Development and has been in the industry for over 20 years.

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