How to get the most value out of Realize LIVE, the virtual edition

By Stephanie Aldrete

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to cause disruptions around the globe, Realize LIVE 2020 is moving from Las Vegas to well, the comfort of your own device. While the novel coronavirus makes it unsafe for us to gather face-to-face, we know that you don’t want to hit pause on your professional growth or your organization’s innovation. In fact, the current state of the world makes digital transformation even more of an imperative than ever before.

We hope the five tips below will help you achieve your knowledge and networking objectives, so you may gain the greatest possible value from your virtual experience at Realize LIVE.

Bring the whole team. When a face-to-face event requires multi-day travel, there are understandable limits on the number of delegates each company can send. When that event moves online, the barrier to entry is much lower. That’s even more true, now that Realize LIVE is a complimentary virtual event.

Invite your colleagues to join you at this virtual experience, so you can advance your shared business goals together and more of your organization can be well-positioned to meet the challenges of tomorrow, today. The result will be a workforce that is more effective, efficient, and innovative. Engage. Realize LIVE will be a virtual experience — not a webinar. That important distinction means this is a participatory experience. Re-imagining how Realize LIVE can you bring you closer to your peers from across the globe. This digital experience will allow you to pose thoughtful questions in the Q&As, participate in the moderated live chats, bring candor and curiosity to each session and, above all, a commitment to fully partake in Realize LIVE Virtual 2020.

But why wait until June 23, you can start those conversations today, continue your learning or brush up on your knowledge, on the online Siemens NX Manufacturing community portal, simply click on this link.

Five steps to get the most out of Realize LIVE 2020

Step 1. Keep the hashtag #RealizeLIVE handy

Step 2. Join the conversation online.

Step 3. Introduce yourself.

Step 4. Ask questions.

Step 5. Share your experience.

Realize LIVE will enable the online back-and-forth conversations, which fuel real, global relationships.

Network virtually. Speaking of real-world relationships, a 2019 Realize LIVE attendee said,

“The best is interacting with different people, learning how they’ve solved problems. It’s people down in the trenches that are actually working on the products that are discovering and solving issues.”

Like our physical event, this virtual experience will enhance your opportunity for connection and collaboration. By participating in a networking experience, specifically designed for the virtual setting, you’ll be able to connect meaningfully with people who can inspire and advise.

Pace yourself. The cadence of a well-designed face-to-face event ensures your eyes don’t glaze over when critical content is being delivered.

Create a similar cadence at your desk, alternating between keynote and breakout sessions of varying lengths, moments of fun, and of course, those networking chats. The key to this virtual event is to map your own, tailored digital journey through this two-day schedule, finding innovative takeaways that will work best for you and your business goals. 

View the must see NX Manufacturing sessions and put them on your calendar .

Chart the future. In the new normal that COVID-19 has created, human-centered innovation has become vital to businesses’ success across many industries. Looking ahead, it’s safe to assume this kind of rapid innovation focused on the greater good is here to stay.

The knowledge and insights you gather at Realize LIVE will not only help you understand what to expect in the wake of this crisis, it will also help you prepare for it — with the kind of expertise, agility, and humanity you’ll need to be successful. Your key-takeaways will ready you for the place where today meets tomorrow.  

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