Digital Machine Shop Series: Blog #7 The emergence of robots

By Armin Gruenewald

Robots are getting cheaper and cheaper. Robots are not as accurate as a traditional machine tool but it has almost unlimited machining space. You can put a machine on a crane upside down, you can put a machine next to the robot, the robot can do machine tending, but it can also do more and more components in the routing.  It can do more in the steps to the routing, such as finishing, grinding, polishing and deburring. Now we traditionally also support robot processes in the automotive and aerospace industries.  But what we did in the next video is put a robot simulation inside the NX CAM system.  We can basically use the power of NX CAM and all the different options we have to program a machine but use it on a robot.

A Complete Computer-Aided Manufacturing Solution

NX CAM software’s advanced functions in each of its modules can maximize returns on your investments in the latest machine tool technology. Adopted across many industries, NX CAM software delivers proven capabilities for manufacturing in the aerospace, automotive, medical device, mold and die, and machinery industries.  NX CAM software provides a wide range of functionality, from simple NC programming to high-speed and multi-axis machining, enabling you to address many tasks with one system. The flexibility of NX CAM software means that you can easily complete the most demanding jobs.

Video: Robotics machining with NX CAM

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By Armin Gruenewald, Vice President Business Development MBG, Manufacturing Engineering Software, Siemens Digital Factory.

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