Description Field Enhancement in NX9 CAM

By wrightj

In each release of NX, there are always enhancements that are overlooked and underappreciated.  I think the enhancements made to Notes and Description fields in NX9 CAM fit into this category.

First, the Description enhancements: this is really an expansion of the description field to almost all CAM objects.  It was already available on certain objects like tool, but not others.  Additionally, information in the description field can now be published via post processing.

Here is an example of the Description field added to the Program object:

Program Object with Description Field.jpg

A Description column has also been added to the Operation Navigator.  By default, the description name is the same as the object name, but if the user types information into the description field for that object, the description field will use that new information.

Description Field in Operation Navigator.jpg

Best of all, the description field is available for post processing.  The format for the new variables is mom_object name_description.  Some examples are: mom_program_description, mom_operation_description, mom_geometry_description, mom_tool_description, and mom_method_description.

The following video demonstrates this enhancement.


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