Advanced Wire EDM capabilities in NX CAM

By LarsOkkels

NX CAM Wire EDM Advanced is a new add-on introduced in the October release of NX CAM. It provides comprehensive capabilities to program a wide range of wire EDM machines. One of the many benefits provided by the new solution is the direct access to machine tool technology databases for all common wire EDM machine tools, such as Agie-Charmilles, Mitsubishi, Fanuc, Sodick, Makino, and many more. This helps programmers quickly create advanced operations for many applications, ensuring optimal cutting strategies, improved machine tool utilization, and excellent part quality.

You can accelerate programming using feature-based automation, which applies efficient processes to automatically recognized features, including adding start holes at the best possible position.

Many advanced cutting strategies are now available. For example, collar machining, an essential task for manufacturing progressive dies, helps you easily program vertical and tapered areas using one operation. Additionally, capabilities like no-core pocketing and multi-pass profiling are available.

The complete Wire EDM programming solution includes strategies for unattended machining, including automatic wire threading, tags and start hole creation, maximizing machine uptime.

The solution has been developed in cooperation with leading machine tool manufacturers and is being continuously updated to the latest functions of the wire EDM machines.

Learn more about recent additions and enhancements to the advanced capabilities in NX CAM here.

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