A Visual Approach Makes CNC Programming Go Faster

By Aaron Frankel

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The ability to visualize exactly the material that remains to be cut makes it much easier to create the most efficient machining operations and to determine their optimum sequence.

With NX 8.5 CAM you can improve CNC programming time by as much as 10X for parts with prismatic features by using Volume-based 2.5D Milling. This new operation instantly displays the volumes machined by each operation and automatically updates the remaining workpiece material when you reorder them. Watch this short demonstration for an introduction to the concept.

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NX CAM – Introduction to Volume-based 2.5D Milling (video)

Volume-based Milling can also reduce machining time because the operations automatically adjust the toolpaths to the size of the stock to eliminate wasted air-cutting. Watch this Tech Tip to see a more in-depth demonstration about how to apply this new approach.

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Tech Tip – How to use Volume-based 2.5D Milling to program prismatic parts (video)

Can this technology save you time?

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