NX Industrial Electrical Design integrates EPLAN P8® product data into engineering workflow

By Engelbert Blumenthal

Easy access to 300+ manufacturers and 1,000,000+ products

For a smooth planning process, electrical engineers need manufacturer-validated, technical product data for the components used. The ECLASS ADVANCED Community of CADENAS GmbH offers electrical engineers access to such “intelligent” product data. With the help of the ECLASS ADVANCED Community, the product data of well-known component manufacturers can be integrated into the NX Industrial Electrical Design Engineering Workflow.

In addition to the ECLASS ADVANCED product data, EPLAN P8® product data can also be integrated. The EPLAN P8® product data is available directly from the manufacturer in EDZ format. NX Industrial Electrical Design can interpret this EDZ format and create corresponding product data including properties, structures, and connectors in the reuse library.

EDZ Product Data Import in NX Industrial Electrical Design

An EDZ file is a data archive used by EPLAN Electric P8®, a program used to plan, document, and manage electrical control, fluid power, and control systems. It contains macros for part and part data such as control units, sensor modules and line modules.

The EPLAN P8® product data is available for download from the manufacturers. Some examples are listed below:

This means that products such as sensors, motor protection switches, contactors and terminals are available to the electrical engineer for all electrical tasks. These can be imported very quickly into the Reuse Library. The products for creating circuit diagrams and control cabinet layouts are now available. In total, more than 300 manufacturers and thus more than 1,000,000 products are available to the electrical engineer.

EDZ Product Data Availability

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