NX Automation Designer becomes NX Industrial Electrical Design the Multi-disciplinary design environment

By Alessandro Cereseto

Industrial engineering companies that support production facilities or other installations are facing increasing challenges to their business. Equipment is becoming more electrified and automated, leading to increased complexity, more equipment variants and changes to machine design, all while being faced with pressure to deliver their engineering solutions faster. The tools they are working with were not built to address these new challenges effectively and rely on classic symbolic diagramming design methodologies, which do not consider the complete process or allow the capture of intent or intelligence.

„To compete in today ‘s market you have to realize more projects with the same number of people. It is also necessary to react quickly to complex customer requirements. To get this done, we need a strong collaboration between mechanical, electrical and controls. “Karl Stieler, CEO STIMA GmbH & CO. KG

NX Electrical Design fact sheet.

Many customers have tried to become more efficient but are trapped by the shortcomings of their existing applications and they typically have an error-prone and costly copy-and-paste style of engineering. What they need is a new, efficient, functional electrical design capability where they can work with objects, not symbols, allowing them to not only design their equipment, but to continuously speed up engineering and increase quality while supporting efficient engineer-to-order (ETO) and configure-to-order (CTO) processes.

„Today our customers are using different engineering tools for the different disciplines: mechanical and electrical engineering. The challenge is to manage the collaboration between the different engineering tools. Especially the change management between these engineering tools. “Engelbert Blumenthal, Product Manager NX Industrial Electrical Design

To better address the growing importance of electrical design and as the core value of our product we have decided to rebrand NX Automation Designer to NX Industrial Electrical Design. This allows us to better communicate our offering, the impact it can have on our customer’s efficiency and to ensure that our voice and expertise cuts through the noise in our industry.

When & How

Timeline for the rebranding to NX Industrial Electrical Design is 15.02.2022

Capabilities will stay the same with a clear focus on electrical design for the future.

Want to learn more? Our products enable a wholistic engineering of production systems from mechanical concept through to complete PLC code. NX Industrial Electrical Design offers a one-of-a-kind engineering toolset, designed from the ground up to enable controls engineers to complete their work with the highest efficiency, quality and speed possible. Electrical and automation engineers work on the same backbone, with an integrated data model, saving time and eliminating errors. Directly integrate mechanical engineering data and receive updates, improving collaboration across your organization. Learn more about NX Industrial Electrical Design 

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