Why Migrate to NX?

By MikeYoder

Why Migrate to NX?

There are many reasons companies consider changing CAD systems.  In this article, the second in our series entitled Migration Mondays, we will explore several of these reasons and explain how Siemens PLM Software tools can solve any migration requirements that may arise.  With the Siemens PLM Software product Content Migration Manager, CAD data can be migrated from I-deas, Catia, SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer or Creo.  Migration can be performed in the context of Teamcenter, or for smaller migrations using CMMSolo.  The CMM product contains extensive reporting and validation built into it so you can be confident that the data you started with in your SourceCAD system will retain its fidelity in NX.

Now let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons companies migrate from one CAD software to another.  A very common motive behind migrating is consolidation on a single CAD system due to companies having acquired several CAD authoring tools through company acquisitions.  A corporation that has standardized on NX may purchase other companies in efforts to expand their product offerings or expand into new markets.  If the recently purchased company is using a competing CAD system, the new parent company may mandate the use of NX.  The standardization of a company on NX and Teamcenter has numerous benefits.  Siemens PLM Software migration tools will enable this standardization on NX.

A similar scenario is that many companies have multiple divisions, each using different SourceCAD systems.Consolidation of multiple company divisions on NX can result in more streamlined data sharing across the divisions and remove disjointed data management systems.  Also the need for translations between shared data becomes non-existent if the entire company is deployed on NX.

Another motivation behind the move to NX could be that a company has multiple disjointed systems for CAD, CAE, and Manufacturing.   Siemens PLM Software tools support all areas of PLM which can reduce design, engineering, and manufacturing timelines ensuring a faster time to market.

Why NX over any other CAD system, though? NX offers a number of new functionalities that are unique and set it apart from other CAD software available in the market, specifically in their ability to help make designing products easier. Let’s take a look some of the newest features in NX.

Generative design: Generative design is a set of tools and techniques that mimic nature’s evolutionary approach to create optimized product designs from requirements and constraints, rather than by creating the geometry first and then validating. It gives engineers and product designers the means to explore more options in less time in order to find the best design.  NX integrated tools such as topology optimization, facet modeling, rule-based CAD, and advanced freeform shape creation remove the barriers to innovation and enable engineers to create designs that meet requirements more efficiently.b1.pngGenerative Design with Topology Optimization

Multidisciplinary Design: An efficient ECAD-MCAD co-design process enables design teams to eliminate costly electromechanical issues during new product development, get designs to market quicker, and minimize production costs.  NX removes the barriers to innovation with the intelligent integration of electronic and electrical design with mechanical design. 

 b2.pngOnly NX brings harness design, routing, layout, and circuit boards together in a single, integrated design platform.

Design for Additive Manufacturing: NX is an integrated platform that meets the unique challenges of designing, optimizing and building metal and plastic components using the latest additive manufacturing methods. Breakthrough technology removes the barriers to innovative designs with advanced methods for designing lightweight parts while design validation checkers ensure manufacturability. NX is the only solution that lets you modify the facet data inputs for additive manufacturing, saving critical time.

b3.pngLattice Structure

In summary, migrating to NX will help your company realize benefits across many disciplines.  NX removes the barriers to innovation with an integrated set of advanced design and validation tools. By utilizing generative design techniques, integrating electrical, electronic, and mechanical design, and delivering unique capabilities for creating lightweight parts with new manufacturing methods, NX is the only design solution that brings all of these advanced tools together in the same platform.

To learn about other enhancements that are new in NX 12 please visit the following link.

To learn more about migrating to NX and the Siemens PLM Software Content Migration Manager Software please contact your local Siemens PLM Software representative.

Be sure to check back next week on Migration Monday to learn more detail about Siemens PLM Software’s migration solutions.

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