Using Mastertrim and NX to reduce seat-pattern development time by 40%

By Julianne Bass

SCS Interiors is a family-owned upholstery manufacturing company. They decided to make the move from manual to digital processes seeking to shorten time to manufacturing their products, decrease costs associated with foam and upholstery product lines and increase throughput and quality so they could grow the business.

“It’s absolutely crucial to be able to design in the virtual world and show your customers high-quality images that you can back up and make. We’re still pretty excited about what Mastertrim has done for us and what it can do in the future.”

Mike Hudyma, President and Cofound SCS Interiors

“It saved at least 20 hours of pattern making with physical paper patterns and transferring those patterns, cut files and verifying and installing and sight marks… In our industry, hitting your pattern’s sight marks is key for sewing personnel’s success.”

Mike Hudyma, President and Cofound SCS Interiors

SCS believes going from manual to 3D has had an enormous impact on the business. They have also found that NX and Mastertrim enhanced their ability to be responsive to customer needs. If the customer comes to them with an original plan and then needs to make adjustments, SCS is able to accommodate changes.

To learn more about SCS Interiors and their successes with Mastertrim and NX click here.

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