SIEMENS and Maya Present Next Generation of Aerospace at CTA

By jeffrick

Last week, the Colloque Innovations et Perspectives (Aerotechnique Symposium) at CTA’s facility in Montreal put key innovators in the spotlight, and created an environment for professionals to discuss prominent trends in the Canadian aerospace industry. Since 2009, this symposium has been promoting the actors involved in various technical aspects of the aerospace industry, and brings together more than 300 specialists from all sectors of the industry each year.

The NX Team, along with SIEMENS’ regional partner Maya, highlighted key components of the Next Generation of Aerospace Design — including topology optimization, additive manufacturing, and artificial intelligence.  NX remains a key leader as a design tool across subdivisions in the aerospace industry, offering holistic solutions that integrate disparate systems through cutting-edge technology.  This holistic approach allows different designers (e.g., electrical and mechanical) to collaborate on the same design, from the very start of the process.

At the symposium, NX’s speakers not only discussed new technological innovations within the design tool, but also talked about how to reimagine design, production, and service to achieve better business value.  This approach combines specialized tools within NX CAD (such as generative design, light weighting, and Convergent Modeling) in an associate and iterative process to improve the process of creating better, more viable parts.


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