Adaptive UI in NX

By William Chanatry

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence increasing productivity? Absolutely. The latest update to NX will bring you Adaptive UI into NX. 

Think of the adaptive UI as your personalized assistant that will help optimize workflows and increase productivity for every single user within your organization. The adaptive UI will predict the commands that you will most likely want to use based upon the context of what you’re doing at the moment. It will put these recommended commands in a clean and compact panel to speed you through your workflow. The panel will reflect differently based upon each users unique style of usage in NX. 

Experienced users of NX can even share their workflows with the rest of the organization to help promote best practices. Used effectively, this can speed the entire organizations productivity. 

We’ve made a handy video to provide you with more information on this exciting new addition to the world’s leading CAD/CAM/CAE solution. 


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