“Never Let a Customer Fail”

By William Chanatry



Oct 1981. These two could edit that same data on NX today“Never let a customer fail” was a quote to live by for those at the old UGS corporation. This is a famous quoted statement from former UGS CEO and President Tony Affuso. The quote however still holds true today for those at Siemens PLM. The mentality and commitment hasn’t faltered throughout the years. Heck, we are certain that this statement holds truer by the day. 

We make sure that your software surpasses expectations from the very first install and is continuously supported throughout time. A wonderful example to look at is the preservation of your data through time. Much like a museum, except you can go back and modify your old parts, where in a museum you’re there to only spectate.

For example, this “mouse” part was originally created in 1994. Well, here you can see that you can import all the parts and modify your old mouse flawlessly as need be. You can even go back 12,775 days (or 35 years!) to Unigraphics 2 and open it in NX.

No matter what version you’re on today or where you plan to be, you can be assured that we will never let you fail. 

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