Microsoft Takes CAD on Tablet to Whole New Level

By Amy Reyes

CAD on tablet - NX on Microsoft Surface Pro.pngIf you thought CAD on a tablet was exciting, just wait till you see the new Microsoft Surface Hub. Microsoft unveiled the 84-inch (213 cm) 4K display computer earlier this month at the Windows 10 Update, and you may recognize the app Senior Director Hayete Gallot uses in the demo as one from Siemens PLM. 

She uses a 3D model exploded view to show how the Surface Hub facilitates collaboration with the ability to share content right on the same screen, capture images, annotate, and all while on video chat with the built-in Skype.

While the app she demos is for Solid Edge, the Surface Hub is the perfect device for the new touch screen interface available in NX CAD 10 if you ask me. The Hub’s large display gives you the clarity and detail you desire when you design a product and the device supports 100 points of touch, making it easy for your team to work on the same design at one time.

CAD on tablet - NX on U-Touch.pngI see this as a step in the direction CAD is headed. We manipulate the world with our hands, so why not interact with and use technology in the same way? It only makes sense that as technology changes, so too will the processes associated with it, and frankly, I’m excited to see what’s to come in the future.

So what about you? How do you feel about the latest innovations with touch screen CAD? Is this something you’re excited to use, or couldn’t care less about? Let me know in the comments below!

For more info such as the full specs of the new Microsoft Surface Hub, be sure to check out the article this post is based on: “New devices, new interfaces from Microsoft” on GraphicSpeak.

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