Larsen Motorsports interns design a jet dragster with NX and the Digital Twin

By Julianne Bass

In 2020, the NX team donated software to Larsen Motorsports (LMS) for its affiliation with Florida Tech. After receiving the software, LMS enlisted Northrop Grumman Corp. mentors to help interns learn, implement and experiment with it on what LMS is know best: jet dragsters.

“Doing it yourself, seeing what works, seeing what doesn’t work and kind of being a little creative with some stuff—it really helps learn the software,” says Liam Shaw, a mechanical engineering student who has been interning at LMS for one semester. “There are a bunch of ways that you can do it, and it’s really just about making sure that you get it as accurate as possible while doing it in the fewest steps possible.”

To read more about this partnership and how these students reverse engineer the current jet dragster, click here.

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