G2 awards strong performance of NX with several badges in fall 2022

By Jamie Tyler

Recognizing the best product design solutions on the market is always a good idea. A tried and tested way to understand a solutions pulling power is to listen to the community; social media, community sites, and user reviews are always great places to learn which solutions are really making a splash. We can’t ignore peer-to-review sites either, and G2 is a great place to start comparing solutions on the market. Let’s explore G2’s Fall 2022 rundown on how NXTM software is faring against the competition

Firstly, who is G2?

G2 is one of the largest and most trusted software marketplaces. It’s a place where a huge amount of people (60 million to be exact) make smarter software decisions based on authentic peer reviews. Tons of aggregated data, combined with industry-leading tools and functions bridge the gap between the user and software provider. The result? Business decisions are driven by real insights from the market.

And how is NX performing?

Consolidating these insights enables us to see how NX is performing against other Product and Machine Design solutions. NX continues to be one of the easiest packages to set up, whilst also scoring high when it comes to meeting customer requirements. It’s a testament to everyone involved with the continuous development of NX.

In addition, G2 awarded NX with 11 new badges across CAD and Product and Machine Design. Let’s take a look at these badges in greater detail:

G2 awarded badges to NX:


Badge for CAD leader in Enterprise
Badge for CAD Leader
Badge for CAD Leader Mid-market

Product Machine and Design

Badge for Product Machine Design Best Relationship Enterprise
Badge for Product Machine Design Leader Asia
Badge for Product Machine Design Leader Asia Pacific
Badge for Product Machine Design Leader Mid-Market
Badge for Product Machine Design Momentum Leader
Badge for Product Machine Design Enterprise Leader
Badge for Product Machine Design Leader India
Badge for Product Machine Design Leader

NX also won a ‘Users Love Us’ award; this is attained when a solution collects 20 4* or better reviews.

And some direct user quotes

I have used many design software packages, but i found that NX is the best when it comes to creating 2D Draft Sheets from 3D models and one can easily model the 3D designs. It gives optimized 2D views which can be modified

Small-business user

NX can be used for entry-level CAD users, but is also a powerful tool for skilled users

User in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

I really enjoy the constant improvements and additions of modules to assist in the process of progressive tool design

Design Manager

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