Designers just get it: Simple creation, storage and reuse of algorithmic driven designs

Algorithmic Modeling in NX

Algorithmic modeling provides designers with a new way to build complex geometry in an intuitive, logic driven way.

Paul Brown and Allan Behrens discuss Algorithmic Modeling

Companies are looking for creative approaches to better equip their design teams when tackling complex geometries such as speaker and grill meshes on cars and even the tread on sneakers. Some have tried to write their own code to handle these workflows, with minimal success given the time and expertise it requires, and the inability to reuse any of the work without putting in major programming upkeep.

The Algorithmic Modeling feature that NX is unveiling provides a drag and drop, no code capability that allows users to make a visual logic diagram; taking inputs and stages and connecting them together very quickly in order to see the impact of logic on the screen, all while being embedded inside of the parametric NX CAD solution.

Designers are now able to create complex designs previously only attainable through advanced programming knowledge.

Algorithmic Modeling in action

Once these designs are stored in the reuse library, anyone can run the designs. Anyone can interact with them, change number of instances, change the controlling parameters. This provides the ability to create and send designs around an organization and reuse it as much as possible where applicable. Essentially one design could be leveraged throughout an entire series of products instantly.

The AEC market, automotive, consumer products industries have shown quick take up in beta testing but this capability has proven useful for a broad range of design areas including those used for additive manufacturing. Create, publish, and reuse, its as simple as that and will be available in December.

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