Mechanical Engineer on upcoming enhancements | NX Early Access Program Interview Series

In comes Christian Matzner from ENGEL Austria. Christian is a longtime NX user who has seen many changes throughout the…

CAD Manager’s thoughts on the upcoming release | NX Early Access Program Interview Series

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A sit down with a CAD Consultant | NX Early Access Program Interview Series

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render talks

NX Render Talks Marine Industry | Part One: Model Setup and Realize Shape

We are happy to be bringing you another series of NX Render Talks, this time looking at the marine sector….

NX Algorithmic Modeling: Logic Editor

Watch here for new updates to Algorithmic Modeling in this detailed demonstration!

An Introduction to NX Coatings

Coatings are used throughout every industry for a variety of reasons including: protection from the elements, increased strength and durability…

Enhance electronics and mechanical design with NX Flexible Printed Circuit Design

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NX Render Talks Consumer Products part two – materials

Welcome back to the NX Render Talks Series. Part One looked at the steps needed to setup your model correctly….

NX Assemblies: Updates to save time and increase performance

With this latest release of NX Assemblies, you can expect new enhancements to increase performance of our application. Expect time…