Always Here for You

By William Chanatry

We are here to support you. Now, and forever. Yes, that sounds a bit like a marriage vow, however we can promise you that we will continuously be there to support you.  Here is a great list of resources and detail you may not have known were available to you.


The Global Technical Access Center or GTAC – Did you know that GTAC services up to 95 NXCAD related issues per month?GTAC is your one-stop shop for technical support.The GTAC center provides product application and operating system support services through telephone and electronic access and tools. These bright & brilliant bunch are organized into specialized teams assuring that they get to you quickly to the subject matter experts that can solve your issue. This meaning you have a specialized group who can solve your NXCAD problems whenever you need.

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Onsite Customer Visits: Did you know we have over 1,900 PLM consultants with an average of 13 years of experience across the services team? Siemens PLM Software leverages our experience and expertise gained across industries. Siemens PLM experts have worked on multiple PLM projects within the same industry. In turn, our PLM consultants understand the external forces, compliance requirements and commonalities of internal challenges, processes and trends. Siemens PLM Software industry and domain PLM experts leverage your viewpoint for solutions by driving best practice solutions within the consulting team so we can continually improve our ability to meet your needs and quickly deliver value. If you are ever in need of a specific technical solution that requires a more hands on approach, than we got you covered. (5).jpg


 Enhancement Process: Did you know, more than 1,000 ERs have been closed as “implemented” with the recent NX 12 release? Here’s a post detailing the behind the scenes of how we take your enhancement requests and implement them into the next major release of NX. There is a reputation among CAD users, regardless of the company or software they use, that ERs are a bit of a black hole. In other words, a lot goes in but very little if anything comes out. We would like to change this perception. You have a direct avenue through GTAC to request enhancements into the next release of NX.


Knowledge Base: Did you know you can keep up weekly with your NX skills? Find the information you need in the knowledge base, learn about the latest release and increase your NX skills. We release new enhancements with detail on our knowledge base weekly. This is your place to stay up to date with all the features NX has to offer.Land Rover.jpg

Worldwide Forum: Did you know that you have the world at your fingertips on our forum? Pose questions in our forum, obtain answers and connect with other users and experts to benefit from their experience. The world is at your fingertips. Use it to your advantage.

M.P.S or Maintenance Planning Service:  Did you know we have a resource to plan a successful implementation of NX? MPS is a high quality, on-time and successful PLM deployment project execution plan. MPS delivers a maintenance plan that keeps customer PLM deployment quality targets on schedule. MPS delivers a report that includes a deployment schedule aligning your deployment project quality with the Siemens PLM Software maintenance schedule. The plan will be created by a Siemens PLM Software consultant who works with the customer deployment project planner. The maintenance plan will be tracked and monitored by Siemens PLM Software for the length of your project through the post go-live period.

Partner Support: Did you know we have partners all across the globe?We have many amazing and supportive partners who are an exceptional resource. Our partners are there to support you and your vision.

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