Accelerating Connectivity and Collaboration in the Electronics Industry

By Julianne Bass

We’re in a time when we’ve got s disruptive pool of AI, we have 5G, and also Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR). Leveraging these technologies, not just from a consumer standpoint but also from an industrial standpoint and being able to use those technologies in smart manufacturing; being able to take the information that we’re gaining from those technologies for analytical insights helps to improve technological development, and also to improve the overall customer experience.

Welcome to another episode of the Next Generation Design podcast. This month, we are focused on the topic of the electronics and semiconductor industry. In this episode, three experts in the field to share their thoughts on trends in the industry, the challenges they’re currently facing, and what we can expect from the electronics and semiconductor industry moving forward.

The market is getting more and more personalized. The consumer is expecting technology to be tuned to their persona, to their requirements, whether they’re in social media, they’re a gamer, or they’re focusing on business technology – these different areas, the technology is tuning and is being given the capabilities to tune to those roles and personas.

The world is also focusing more and more on sustainability, and companies are looking to reduce, they’re looking to recycle, and they’re looking to reuse, and they want to do that to be good social citizens but also to help their bottom line. So, we’re looking at technology that tracks hazardous materials, that gives us the capability to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our overall supply chain transparency, while doing everything else the customer has grown to expect.

The globalization of the electronic supply chain is really making it more and more difficult on business. Businesses are facing increased complexity, there’s a higher demand, and security concerns are becoming paramount. We want to make sure that the products are being delivered, that are produced, that they’re not counterfeited, that they maintain their competency in terms of what they’re designed to do, that they’re not altered, whether it’s in software or hardware. Companies are also trying to streamline their operations, both internally and by forming strategic partnerships to control their costs.

Really, all in all what we’re talking about is the increase in complexity in the industry. And that’s driven by many factors that we discuss in this episode, whether it’s the trends towards more complex products, and AI, and AR/VR. It’s the increased connectivity and the data that’s being passed at a higher and higher rate, Sustainability, and globalization. The world is getting smaller and we need to be able to accommodate that from connectivity and collaboration standpoint.

Hear about all of these trends in the industry and much more in this episode of the next generation podcast.

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Guests on this episode:

Alan Porter

Vice President, Electronics and Semiconductors

Porter joined Siemens in 2020 having completed over 30 years in the semiconductor and electronics engineering domain across multiple industries, including consumer electronics, military and aerospace, automotive, and network infrastructure. He’s worked for Apple and Huawei, EDA software companies including Mentor, Synopsys and Cadence, in start-ups and professional services roles for both high and low volume products. He has extensive experience in digital transformation architecture and implementation from both a customer and solution provider viewpoint.

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 Craig Armenti

Director of Electronics Solutions

Armenti has over 25 years of experience in the electronics industry. Prior to joining Siemens, Craig held management, technical marketing and application engineering positions at several major telecommunication and software companies including Mentor Graphics, Zuken, BlackBerry, Motorola and AT&T Bell Labs.

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Nick Daumann

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Daumann has over 10 years of experience in product marketing and product management. He currently holds campaign development responsibilities within the electronics industry for the Siemens NX Design portfolio. His prior experience includes product marketing for cyber and electronic warfare products in the aerospace and defense industry, and holding product management responsibilities in the telecom and consumer packaging industries.

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