Winning a new Customer with Digital Manufacturing

At the Digital Manufacturing Symposium at the IMTS in Chicago, Markus Aschenbrenner, CEO Zollner USA, talked about how they won a very important customer by using digital manufacturing solutions.


Zollner is among the world’s top 15 EMS (electronic manufacturing services) companies. They manufacture and assemble electronic products for their customers. One of them is Hypercom. But let’s start from the beginning of this great success for Zollner. Hypercom requested a quote (RFQ) for a product with multiple variants and the manufacturing and assembly of more than 450,000 units per year. The really tough part of the RFQ was that Zollner had only six weeks to deliver it. During this time several decisions have to be made: how does the manufacturing concept looks like that it ensures the high product quality? How does the production can be flexible to be able to quickly react to changing customer demands? What is the invest costs for the production system? What will be the final assembly cost of the product? How many assembly lines are required? How many shifts and what is the takt time?

Zollner chose Tecnomatix to answer these questions. They created the process plan, designed the layout and simulate the manufacturing and assembly system. They were able answer all the questions very accurately and provide detail information to Hypercom. This convinced Hypercom that Zollner is the right partner to go with.

Zollner is now using Tecnomatix for different other projects and started the roll-out of the solution to their production sites.

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