What happens in Vegas…

I’m excited to join our blogsquad, especially live from our largest customer event – PLM Connection. Dora told you a little about me. Let me just add that I’ve been involved in manufacturing IT for close to 20 years.  When I saw the potential of the convergence of engineering discipline and information technology for manufacturing, I knew this was where I wanted to focus my career.

Digital manufacturing has been a fascinating road – one with many on and off-ramps. As I sit here on the eve of PLM Connection at the Rio, I can’t help but reminisce about where we’ve been and why we aren’t there yet.

My first, and up until today, only trip to Las Vegas was for a reseller event several years ago. I think for those coming to Las Vegas for the first time, you tend to watch people more than anything else.  I’m not a big gambler and like to hold on to what little cash I have ;-). 

One free evening I took a long walk to simply take in the sights. You can imagine my surprise when I happened upon an outdoor stage show featuring Ozzy Osbourne & Kid Rock!  Not bad, considering I think I saw the same guys parking cars at the casino earlier in the day. That’s Vegas for you, entertainment everywhere. 

Back to my point: although digital manufacturing technologies have been around for over 20 years, it’s still in somewhat of a nascent stage when you compare it to the adoption rates of CAD and cPDM technologies.  We aim to change that. I’ll bring you the latest updates from this year’s PLM Connection event through blogs, video interviews and tweets so stay tuned because this time, what happens in Vegas regarding the latest from Tecnomatix, won’t stay in Vegas.

Feel free to leave a comment on what you’d like to know about digital manufacturing. 


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