Tecnomatix Release Update – Smart, Fast, Lean Manufacturing with Tecnomatix 11

One thing is becoming certain in the midst of global competition, you either need to create the opportunity or be prepared to meet it quickly, wherever and whenever it arises.


With shifting market demand and the rapid rise of local competitors who compete on the global stage, manufacturers are looking for ways to boost agility and productivity. From optimizing global production strategies to reducing the cost of energy, manufacturers are looking to smart, fast, lean manufacturing from Tecnomatix.

The latest release of our digital manufacturing portfolio, Tecnomatix 11, brings to market numerous enhancements which work together to provide smarter decisions through collaborative product and process development, faster results through right-first-time plans and leaner operations through flawless launches and continuous improvement.

Delivering major enhancements in advanced assembly solutions for mixed-model, multi-plant optimization and productivity gains in robotic offline programming and commissioning, Tecnomatix 11 provides greater control of quality, better communication for operator safety and a stronger product to production integration through three new solution domains:

Manufacturing Process Management
The latest release continues to provide customers the ability to take control within a single source of manufacturing knowledge that provides a path that takes them from engineering design to smarter decisions for manufacturing with collaborative product and process development.
• Enterprise bill-of-process now streamlines mixed-model production planning of platform-based product architectures
• Event-based data objects and multi-CAD data imports increase the value of the manufacturing data model for body-in-white operations
• Text, visualization enhancements and web-based work instruction solutions provide clear communication to shop floor operators
• Better trade-off decisions and higher fidelity results during simulation deliver a more meaningful analysis

Manufacturing Simulation and Validation

With our simulation and validation solutions, manufacturers are able to verify the methods and resources being defined and selected during manufacturing planning, resulting in proven, right-first-time manufacturing plans.
• A number of improvements have been made to our human simulation products including posture analysis, advanced anthropometry scaling, and motion capture; 64-bit support drastically improves graphics performance
• Process Simulate on Teamcenter can now perform the full spectrum of virtual commissioning; We’ve also improved efficiency of performing offline programming and simulation by 10%
• Our Plant Simulation tool can now provide power consumption analysis of machines and conveyors, giving our customers a new tool to optimize sustainability and reduce energy costs

Manufacturing Launch and Production
During launch and production, manufacturers can achieve faster response to installation, implementation, production and quality issues, ultimately leading to successful execution and support of flawless launches and continuous improvement.
• Virtual commissioning is greatly improved by allowing you to execute external, time-consuming tasks as separate processes
• Smart component logic blocks can be copied from one component to another allowing users to easily copy logic between smart objects
• We now have a direct connection to Simba Pro safety interlock equipment allowing validation of dedicated safety scenarios
• Our build quality solution domain has several enhancements which improve statistical analysis and provide SPC for high-tolerance parts
• The latest iteration of our PLM to MES capability now delivers two-way communication, rules-based validation along with the ability to enter non-conformances in a Teamcenter controlled workflow

Want to know more? Follow the Tecnomatix 11 link and while you’re at it, see images of the new features on Flickr.

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