Tecnomatix 9.1: Jack and Jill around the World

Are you working in a manufacturing planning department? Are you an industrial engineer working on manual or semi-automatic work stations? If yes, the new capabilities of Jack (our digital human model) might be of interest for you. And if not, this might give you some insight about the work of a manufacturing engineer.

Let’s take a look at the left part of this picture:


 Well, beside the coffee machine in the front wink … you get an impression of a situation which requires a pull activity. As an industrial engineer you now might ask yourself two questions:

1. Is this an acceptable task from an ergonomic point of view?

2. What is the maximum force a certain worker can pull?

Both questions can now be answered by Jack much more precise and quicker. The new force influenced posturing allows you to analyze such kind of situations. Based on the influenced force, Jack automatically set the right posture. You can now easily validate this posture using the ergonomic analysis capabilities of Jack. BTW: the same is valid for push activities as well.

You can answer the second question by using the new force-solver capability. It allows you to predict the maximum acceptable force a human could exert under certain condition. This new sophisticated human performance assessment enables you to execute what-if scenarios or assess design proposals and provide force-specifications. With the force-solver, you do not need to know the weight or force of an object a priori to conducting the assessment. The force-solver will calculate the maximum acceptable force for the human for you.

Another new capability now enables you to validate if the same activity could be done by a Chinese or Japanese worker. Jack now supports both populations with dedicated anthropometric data bases.


You can get more detailed information about all the new and cool features of Jack by joining the free webinar on Feb 24th. This webinar will include a live demonstration. So, don’t miss it.

** Update ** The webinar will show a video demo not a live demo. We detect some issue, which seems to be due to the bandwidth. To keep a high quality visual impression during the webinar, we are recording the demo upfront and will show the video.

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