Solid Edge Tips & Tricks: Steering Wheel Mouse Actions

In this show find out where to get help and how to use some essential keyboard and mouse combinations for precise manipulation of the steering wheel.

Solid Edge Tips & Tricks from GTAC

How do you show construction bodies in a drawing view of an assembly?

If you need to show part construction bodies in a drawing view you need to change a drawing view property setting. If you have multiple construction bodies, common in translated files, it can be very time consuming to select each body in order to set the display property. To make this task easier, you can create a Query that will select all construction bodies included in the view of the assembly. Here are the steps:

1 – Open the drawing file.
2 – Right-click the drawing view and go to Properties.
3 – On the top of the dialog box, click the button Parts List Options and make sure the option List Constructions is selected.
4 – Now click the button New Query, located at the bottom of the dialog box in the area labeled Query Selected Items.
5 – In the Query dialog box, select the Property pull-down and choose Component Type.
6 – On the Value Field pull-down, select Construction.
7 – Click the Add to List button. That adds a new query that says “Component Type Is (Exactly) Construction”.
8 – Click OK. That creates the new query.
9 – Select the very first line in the Parts List field where the name of the assembly is listed, which will select every part and construction in the list.
10 – Run the query by clicking the button with a black arrow, “Execute Query”, to select all of the constructions.
11 – Click the Show option to show all constructions selected.
12 – Click OK and update the drawing view to show all constructions.

How can I create a shortcut to View & Markup on my desktop for Win7?
Go to Start -> All Programs -> Solid Edge -> drag View & Markup to the desktop.

Why is Change Source disabled in the Edit Links dialog for missing parts in ST3?
This change was made intentionally. The preferred method to repair broken links is to open the assembly in Revision Manager and use Replace. Revision Manager has always been the intended method to accomplish this.

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