Solid Edge Sponsor Keyshot Dominates World with Great Graphics!

By MarkBurhop

Keyshot Metal Flakes

One of my favorite partner products is Keyshot from Luxion.   I got to play with them a few years ago and really liked its ease of use.  This year, they are one of our Bronze Sponsors at Solid Edge University (not too late to sign up!) so I’m glad to be able to ask them those hard questions we all want answers to.  Here is what they had to say.

How does your company plan to achieve world domination and how will your products help do this?

To put it simply, free refills of awesome. Luxion has developed KeyShot to be the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to create 3D renderings and animations of Solid Edge data. We’ve already conquered the most accurate lighting possible being the only application that is certified by the CIE for accurately simulating lighting in computer graphics. It will all come about with stunning visuals that make your eyes and everything connected to them quiver with delight.

Does your product incorporate lasers?  If not, should it?

While the product itself doesn’t incorporate lasers due to the strict laser embedding laws of most countries, the KeyShot developers and their cats make heavy use of lasers. This coupled with the advanced CPU-based rendering engine developed by Luxion gives us the agility to test and implement new technologies. The Interactive Realtime Configurator is just around the corner for KeyShot, providing the ability to create variations of designs on the fly with Mac, PC or mobile device.

What can a customer do with your product? Who is your ideal customer?

3D Professionals, Designers, Engineers, Photographers and Digital Artist all use KeyShot to create product visualizations of 3D data. In a few steps, they can drag-and-drop materials and environments, applying textures and animations to create images that provide users and clients with a better visual of what their product will look like, with the ability to quickly change materials and lighting to achieve the perfect look.

How can our readers join you in your plan for world domination?

Those interested in joining our visual onslaught of mind-blowing proportion can receive more info from… wait for it, They can also join in the convo on our Facebook page ( or Twitter (!/keyshot3d) We often have giveaways and rendering contest for chance to win a full license of KeyShot as well.

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