PLM Connection Europe: PLM Journey at Rolls-Royce

By NikPakvasa

Just came out of an excellent presentation about Rolls-Royce’ PLM journey by Gordon McKechnie, PLM Program Manager.

He started with an introduction Rolls-Royce and its different businesses.

Rolls-Royce 36000 EMPLOYEES and has worldwide customers in 150 customers

Their products are very complex and have very long life cycle….”we are still supporting engines designed in 1950’s. We need process that will allow product information from concept through manufacturing, service and maintenance.”

They have divided PLM into 4 key processes:
• Design Process – concept design through analysis to detail definition
• Manufacturing Process – manufacturing, assembly & test process simulation & instructions
• Collaboration Process – sharing accurate information safely and securely.
• Lifecycle Processes -Providing a control framework for all processes and data

PLM is a standardized solution deployed across all sectors and geographies of Rolls-Royce global business. PLM – simplifying the complex enterprise….100’s of custom systems & interfaces.

Business impact – early focus on CAD, CAM and document management processes
Result: many engine projects, including JSF 135 fully 3D mastered, Trent 1000 30% reduction in first development build issues BR725 concurrent working on 4 engineering sites – synchronized continuously. We can move work around were we have skills, we couldn’t do that before.

He touched on CAPP.

Challenge: Business continuity risk around legacy CAPP solution
Solution: Teamcenter authoring system

He talked passionately about collaboration and explained the challenges regulatory compliance that demands robust security and access control.

He finished his presentation with a summary slide of their PLM – Journey

CAD data management – > Collaboration/CAPP – CAPP for Make, supplier collaboration -> Change process and experimental CAPP show case -> after market Integration CAPP rollout-> Enterprise wide PLM (Major Process Re-engineering)

He talked about the next project in their journey – Change process. He said he was very pleased with Teamcenter 8 has delivered in Change management capabilities.

Gordon is passionate about PLM. He strongly believes in it. He is committed to Siemens PLM Software solution – NX, Teamcenter, Tecnomatix

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