NX7 Part 4 – Lifecycle Simulation (CAE)

This is the 4th post on the new items in NX7.  In today’s post, I will review CAE or Lifecycle Simulation.

NX 7.5 offers major enhancements across the entire CAE portfolio.  Some of the highlights are in the areas of multi-body dynamics, FE modeling of thin-walled structures, beam modeling, meshing, laminate composites and support for multi-physics solvers.

In addition, we have new product offerings for flexible body dynamics, durability analysis and model correlation.

Automotive Motion

Here are some of the key highlights:

NX 7 CAE Integrated Design and CAE
NX assists you with developing analysis models faster than with traditional CAE pre-processors. NX 7 helps improve productivity with the introduction of new workflows for working with complex geometry, meshing thin-walled parts, beam and bolt modeling and more. NX’s tight integration with geometry means your engineers can keep pace with the latest design.

NX 7 CAE Integrated Multi-Discipline Solutions
NX speeds multi-discipline workflows by integrating the broadest set of solver technologies all within a single environment. Access to multiple CAE solutions within one system and one user interface eliminates data transfer errors for faster coupled analyses. NX 7 expands its integrated multi-physics solutions to include durability and motion analysis with flexible bodies along with even more solutions for structural, thermal and flow analyses.

NX 7 CAE Integrated Analysis/Test Correlation
NX 7 introduces two new products to enable rapid model correlation and update. Correlating digital models with measured test data enables engineers to gain confidence in a model’s ability to predict performance. While testing may still be required it can be significantly reduced. Even saving a single test has been shown to save weeks and months of development effort and thousands of dollars in budget.

Learn more about NX7 and NX7 CAE.

Find out more details about what’s new in NX7 CAE.

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