NX CAE Tips & Tricks – FEA Workflow Part #3

By SiemensPLM

After a brief tour of the user interface and some essential geometry idealization in Part #1, we meshed the bracket, constrained it, and configured two distinct load cases for evaluation in Part #2. Now comes the real fun – executing the model, and reviewing the results! The following video illustrates the sheer simplicity of solving a model in the NX Advanced Simulation environment. In fact, in many cases you can be well on your way to results in under 5 mouse clicks –  easy as pie, one might say. Don’t forget to take advantage of the so-called ‘element iterative solver’ option, for more rapid convergence of models comprised mainly of solid elements. Click on the video to commence playback.

     Solving the Model

Now that the model has executed successfully, let’s load the results. This too is a breeze, with intuitive drop down menus that allow you to graphically impose the quantity of your choosing directly on the geometry. Note that the geometry is also deformed in accordance with its solution, allowing you to instantly visualize the physical consequences of the imposed loads. Pay particular attention to the option of displaying average element nodal results, which facilitates the appearance of smoother transitions across element edges.  Click on the video to commence playback.

     Post Processing

Finally, I’d like to introduce you to a slick feature that allows you to turn your analysis into a report that can be conveniently shared, and deployed to non-users. Note how the report auto-populates with key background information and a summary of the results. Also, pay attention to the nifty snapshot command that allows on-the-fly capturing of post-processed images for inclusion in your report. Click on the video to commence playback.

     Report Generation

And there you have it – a complete workflow for FEA analysis in NX Advanced Simulation. Was this series helpful to you ? Leave your comment below.

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