NX CAD and CAE Community Wrap Up

CAD and CAE Community Wrap Up A lot has been happening in the NX CAD and NX CAE communities in the past few weeks, and if you’ve missed it, now’s your chance to catch up on all the latest design and simulation news.

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This week’s wrap up from Siemens PLM Software contains a big announcement about the latest release of NX software—NX 10—a mission to Mars that started with NX CAD, and a guest post from TEN TECH LLC’s Director of Engineering, William Villers.


What happened to Mars’ atmosphere? NASA MAVEN probe designed with NX CAD seeks answers – NASA sent MAVEN probe to find out why Mars’ atmosphere has all but disappeared over the last few billion years. Lockheed Martin Space Systems Division developed the craft using NX CAD from Siemens PLM Software.

NX Quick Tips: Foreshortening Symbols added in NX 10 – We announced NX 10 earlier this month, and with the announcement came an exciting new NX Quick Tips video showcasing a newly added capability to the NX CAD software.

Introducing NX 10 – The latest version of Siemens’ NX software, NX 10, features new enhancements for CAD, CAM and CAE including a new touch-screen enabled environment for design.

Preview Latest Software Release at 2014 RUG Meetings – The Siemens PLM Software team will demonstrate a preview of the next release of software at the Regional Users Group (RUG) Meetings that you won’t want to miss. Events are still being held across the country. Look for a location near you!


Better Battery Thermal Management with Co-Simulation – Temperature is a critical parameter for Lithium-Ion batteries, and co-simulation with NX Thermal and LMS Amesim leads to further insights into the effects of this parameter.

Most of US military active fleet carries electronics certified by TEN TECH LLC using NX CAE – Guest blogger William Villers of TEN TECH LLC discusses how NX CAE has met the challenges faced in engineering electronics for US military fleets.

Better Together: Integrated 1D/3D Simulation with NX CAE & LMS Imagine.Lab AmesimLMS Imagine.Lab Amesim 1D simulation coupled with NX CAE 3D simulation drives systems driven product development, giving engineers the power to design better products faster.

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