Meet Purdue University Student Engineers Kevin Oswald and Adam Fogarty

Kevin Oswald and Adam Fogarty use NX software from Siemens PLM in EcoCAR 2

PACE and EcoCAR are two different real-world academic programs we support. So I did a double take when I saw an EcoCAR presentation on the agenda for the PACE Annual Forum.

EcoCAR 2 student engineers Kevin Oswald and Adam Fogarty provided some cross program best practices at the event. They shared lessons learned from the packaging and structural analysis on their EcoCAR 2 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.

Their timing was good since the PACE attendees are entering year two of their Personal Assisted Mobility Device (PAMD) competition. The first year focused on conceptual design, engineering and manufacturing. The second yearfocuses on the detail and manufacturing phases. Learning packaging tips for tight spaces is very helpful for PAMDs.

Here is a video interview with Kevin and Adam just after their presentation to PACE attendees:

They also provided their slides so you can learn more about the component configuration challenges they faced.

Student engineers use NX from Siemens PLM Software in electric vehicle design

What lessons did you learn in real-world projects at school?
– Dora

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