Meet Future Engineer Runze Gao

By Dora Smith

software for students

Runze is a senior at W J Mouat Secondary school in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. He is one our student design contest winners for this battleship designed in Solid Edge software. He is pictured above with his teacher Pat Beck.

software for students

Why did you choose this project/design?

“I chose this project because I am very interested in the history of naval warfare and the development of naval technology. Moreover, I simply cannot resist the sophisticated and distinct look of World War II battleships. The Bismarck is one of the most famous as well as the most advanced naval war machine of its time, it caught my eyes and drew my interest even before I started this project, and therefore I knew I would have a great time designing my version of the Bismarck.”

What challenges did you face during the design/build?
“There were many challenges during the building stage of my model, but the two biggest were finding clear, detailed and accurate pictures of the Bismarck, and finding a balance between creating an accurate model of the real ship while implementing my own creative designs.”

What features of Solid Edge did you use to develop your project?
“In order to build my project, I used a vast variety of tools within Solid Edge, such as assembly, rendering, drawings, and solid parts to name a few.”

What lessons did you learn in the process?
“During the building stage of my project, I learned how to use many new tools within the Solid Edge software. In addition, I learned how to use my time more efficiently, and I also improved my research skill and increased my ability in designing and creative thinking. Most importantly, I understood that dedication and hard work will eventually payoff in the end.”

Would you recommend Solid Edge to another student?
“I would definitely recommend Solid Edge to my peers, because Solid Edge is such a versatile drafting and designing software. The potential of the software is limitless. It is very easy to use, but hard to master all of the different tools within it. The creative possibility within Solid Edge is immense, ranging from a simple model of a car to fully functioning medical instruments that could save a person’s life.”

If you’re a student, download your free edition of Solid Edge today and enter your stunning design in our monthly design contest.

– Dora

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