Managing 600 Variations of Vodka

By Dora Smith


We had a press release last week about expanded capabilities in Teamcenter to support the CPG and F&B industries, including initiative management, global specifications management and brand management. It’s timely given a recent research study we sponsored with AMR that noted:

The #1 barrier in commercialization is packaging artwork approval (on average 22 days).

Lora Cecere, vice president of Consumer Products for AMR, recently blogged:  The ABCs of Packaging Don’t Add Up for Value. She noted that the packaging and artwork management process in companies has become a major issue. The ABCs refer to Approval, Barrier, Complexity.
One company she visited has 300 unique packages for water and another company 600 label variations of vodka!

AMR found that 35% of companies have technology to accelerate the packaging artwork approval process. The technology is helping them achieve 35% reduced approval time and 50% reduced scrap.

We see increased interest from our customers to deliver functionality in this area. Last week’s announcement adds more capabilities to Teamcenter’s out-of-the-box integration with NX that our customers are using for packaging and artwork management.

If you want to learn more on this topic, Lora explains the research in more detail in this webinar:  Remove Bottlenecks in the Packaging and Artwork Development Process.

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