How IHC uses integrated CAD and CAE to speed design turnaround

By AlRobertson

In the offshore industry operational certainty is a major requirement. The installations tend to be very large, and the investments high and virtually everything is unique which leaves very little room for error. IHC Handling Systems supply tools for the installation of offshore equipment and specialize in products for oil, gas and wind such as equipment for pipe laying, equipment for the installation of oil and gas rigs and equipment for the installation of offshore windmills.

Most of the products IHC make are project specific which usually requires designing from scratch though sometimes previous designs can be reused. IHC states that it’s important to be sure about the concept solution at an early stage, but at the same time deliver functional certainty; achieving both demands the use of advanced and integrated design and analysis tools. IHC uses Solid Edge to design and model concepts and Femap with NX Nastran for the CAE analyses. Beyond the concept stage, IHC take analysis into the nonlinear domain with studies that include friction, contact and materials that reach elasticity limits.

IHC Handling Systems Pipe Gripper

You can read the full IHC case study to find out more about how IHC use CAD and CAE software to speed up design iterations and solve complex engineering problems.


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