Going “Social” at the Congress On the Future of Engineering Software

By MarkBurhop

Picture courtesy of Deelip Mendes. Click to go to his post.

As you may see from my Tweets, I’m at the “Congress On the Future of Engineering Software” this week.  You pretty much can’t talk about the future of anything these days without mentioning going “social”.

Of course, this week, I’m going social in the traditional way, by actually meeting people. Normally, this would be kind of an intimidating situation as COFES has a large number of industry thought leaders that I have never met in person. Say something stupid, and you can easily picture the journalists and analysts pulling out their note pads and taking nodes.

In reality, it has been a very positive experience for two reasons.  Firstly, COFES does a great job hooking people up.  Secondly, so many of these people are involved in social media it is like I know ½ of them already. You have got to love when guys like Deelip Meneze comes up and hugs you and Al Dean brings you drinks (and takes you to the right place when you are lost).

As  many of you know, I’m also working on doing some new things with our Solid Edge Technology Partner program and that is the real reason I’m here (supported by customers like Scott Wertel’s recommendation to Karsten Newbury that I needed to be here).   I don’t know if all the (potential) partners I’ve talked to want me to mention them but I do hope to do some posts on those that do.  Many of them have some really interesting new technologies that could be a big benefit to our Solid Edge customers.

So stay tuned… we will see what positive relationships come out of this.

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