Femap Symposium Final Notes

By MarkBurhop

The Femap Symposium just wrapped up so I thought I’d include one last post with some notes from the group.

If you have visited more than one Siemens web site, you have seen we have a fairly consistent UI across all our sites. However, one customer at the Femap Symposium pointed out this can be a bit heavy if you just want to look up information on Femap.

If you just want to check out Femap, you can go to and it links the right place. You can also use to go right to the Solid Edge page (I’d bookmark them now grin )

There was some interest in many of the Femap videos that can help with learning the product or updating to new releases. Those can be found here:


At the Q&A at the end, Mark Sherman mentioned the yahoo group below which is fairly active.

There was also talk about doing more symposiums either at different locations or virtually. Some of the Femap and Saratech people have done web based training with mixed results and I think everyone is looking for the optimum medium for this.

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