EMO: PLM for Machine Builder

By Markus Erlmann

Machine tools are products and resources; depending on your view point. For the machine builder it’s a product, while for many manufacturing companies it’s a resource they use to manufacture their products.

Siemens not only provides PLM solutions for machine builders, but as well the control and motion equipment. It’s a logical step to combine and enhance these solutions and provide the full service to our customers. One major step was done at this year’s EMO, where we presented the extension of our PLM solution for machine builder.



The solution now covers the full industrial process of a machine builder; starting with the design and simulation of the machine tool down to manufacturing, assembly and maintenance. We extended the solution to support the maintenance activities of a machine tool. These activities are part of the overall service package when selling machine tools. The second extension of the PLM solution is dedicated to all the electronic components and its management during the lifecycle of a machine tool. This is important as these electronic components are responsible for a major increase in innovations of machine tools.

For more details about the PLM solution for machine builders just visit the machinery and industrial products homepage.

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